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Donating Blood (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Persuasive Speech Outlines Problem-Solution Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that the auto repair industry should be strictly regulated. Central Idea: Incompetent and unnecessary auto repairs must be corrected by strict regulations. I. Introduction A. Attention Getting Device B. Reveal Importance of Topic C. Establish Credibility D. State Central Idea E. Preview Speech II. Body of Speech A. (Problem) American car owners are taken advantage of in car repairs in several ways 1.Unnecessary repairs 2.Use of inferior parts 3.Poor Service 4.High Labor costs B. (Solution) Stricter regulations against faulty and unfair car repairs would solve problem . C. (Benefits or Practicality) Strict regulations would end unnecessary and faulty auto repairs. III. Conclusion A. Urge listeners to insist on stricter regulations. B. Summarize main points and call for action. Comparative Advantages: Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that cloth diapers are a superior choice for babies over disposable diapers. Central Idea: Cloth diapers offer superior advantages for babies and their families than do disposable diapers. I. Introduction A. Attention Getting Device B. Reveal Importance of Topic C. Establish Credibility D. State Central Idea E. Preview Speech II. Body of speech A. Cloth diapers are superior to disposable ones because they better protect the baby from allergic reactions B. Cloth diapers are superior to disposable ones because they require more frequent changing making the baby more comfortable and less susceptible to bacteria build-up. C. Cloth diapers are superior to disposable ones because they did not contribute to landfills and other pollution pitfalls. III. Conclusion A. Summarize B. Urge listeners to consider using cloth diapers. Monroe's Motivated Sequence: Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to bring cans of food for the hungry. Central Idea: Providing food for the hungry in America by donating food and money cannot only alleviate hunger, but restore hope in their lives. I. Introduction (Attention Step) A. Gain Attention B. Establish Credibility C. Explain Importance of Topic D. Preview Speech II. Body of Speech ( Need Step, Satisfaction Step, Visualizaton Step) A. (Need Step) Local Soup Kitchens have a shortage of food. B. (Satisfaction Step) There are many ways to help diminish this food shortage. C. (Visualization Step) If nothing is done, these people will starve, therefore it is important to supply them with the necessary food. III. Conclusion (Action) A. Urge Action : Pull out some cans of food that are in your pantry and donate them or give money to organizations that can purchase needed food B. Appeal: Your contributions will make a difference in these people's lives. source..
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Donating Blood
Specific purpose: To inform and convince the audience on blood donation.
Central idea: Donated blood saves the lives of people involved in fatal accidents, those needing surgical operations and those suffering from blood related diseases.
One day, while my four year old niece Mitchell was visiting her mentally unstable grandmother, she was left unsupervised and strayed in to the kitchen area and was knocked down over a lit kerosene stove. She sustained serious burns on over eighty seven per cent of her body before the neighbours could put out the fire and rescue her. They rushed her to the emergency section of the nearby hospital and later to a larger hospital with more advanced lifesaving equipment. Today, she has fully recovered and is a happy child only because people like you had found it worthwhile to save such a life.
I have personally made it a habit to donate blood once in every six months and this is why I feel honoured to persuade you to join my life savers club. My niece is alive today because of a decision of a person like you to donate blood. It is likely that someone you know or yourself may require a blood transfusion at some point in your life. An article in the New York Times about blood donation indicated that people in their early twenties and late teens are the most important blood donors (Gonzales n.p.).
I shall explain the great need for having a steady blood supply, how to donate and the benefits or the importance of donating blood. It is my sincere hope that this shall interest you to donate blood and become a hero by saving a life today. There is a constant and ever increasing need for more blood in our health care facilities as indicated in the article about blood donation (Gonzales n.p.) and it is apparent that every day, there are thousands of people in desperate need for a transfusion. When you donate blood, it is screened to ascertain its safety before use on a patient. This means that not all donated blood is usable as well as the fact that blood expires after 42 days and hence the need to have as...
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