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The Renaissance Portrait: Commissioning Portrait Painting To Michelangelo (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Since English is not my first language therefore please write it in more simple way.
This essay need to draw a painting, you can make it simple, if you cant draw it well you can just label the things you draw on the painting. i think is better for this painting to be detail so it have more thing to write on. you can hand draw it and scan it to the computer or you can take a picture of your drawing and upload it to the computer. thanks
this is a website you can use for the essay
On this website, note in particular the units “Presentation of Self” (in which there is a section titled, “Portraiture”) and “Artists and Patrons”. You are, however, free to explore the rest of the site.
Click on the title here to open the link.


The Renaissance Portrait
Part 1- Pope Julius II commissioning portrait painting to Michelangelo
I am commissioning a portrait representing me and believe that you are among the bests suited to achieve this. As you know, I have commissioned prior artists what have also painted pictures that have appeared in Church, and even those portraying me However, I would like another painting on my portrait, and give you the honor to do this. While there are no restrictions on how I appear, the painting will be placed inside the Church where visitors can view it. As I commission the portrait I am well aware of the place of religion in the society, and hope that more people will be interested on religious iconography and religious themes when they get to understand many of your works that address Christianity and relevance of the religion to the people.
I know you are aware of the importance of papal portraits to my fellow Catholics and I intend to present the picture to the Church and hope that a congregant will eventually own it. I want the portrait to only feature me and preferably seated down and the subject being religious authority and even this resembles other papal portraiture, you also need to make it unique. I will fund for the piece, and believe that your work is some of the best, and as you have previously worked with other portraits you are well positioned to work on the painting. While there are allegorical representations of the sacrament in religious paintings before, this portrait different as it only depicts the pope.
I prefer the oil painting on the wood panel or the canvas, and you may choose either of the two whichever is the most realistic and likely to produce the best results. Since the painting will feature me (Pope Julius II), I want it to be easily recognizable. As other artists have worked with oil, it has been shown to be more versatile unlike fresco, which is difficult to alter this is not the case with using oil as the medium for the painting. In any case, the oil paintings have been associated with opacity compared to the other paints available.
While there are different paintings depicting biblical scenes, this is a different case, and I prefer this portrait at the moment as it is different and hope you will represent best as possible. It is not lost to you that the function of the portraits is flexible, intended for enjoyment for some time, but also being left in a place of my choice and preferably the church. As a painter and artist you have an important role to play in the society that has not been appreciated by all. The painting is commemorative and this preserves appearance even after death.
I expect that the picture will depict me as a priest and vicar to best represent the Church and as the sovereign ruler of Vatican. As expected, a dignified papal portraiture is of outmost importance to me and fellow brethren. I reemphasize this as you know popes are authoritative and give wise counsel to the people. As a teacher, rule and priest to project respect that even years later, those who view the portrait will appreciate the work and effort you have put in truly representing the body of Christ. I have previously commissioned Raphael to crate papal portraits and he has rightly connected the glorious altar, the Holy Spirit and my portrait. However, what I am commissioning is a little different as it will have fewer details with no alterations, but still connect with the religious theme.
When I commissioned to decorate my private apartment to Raphael I urge him to decorate the room in a different style that emphasized the lush elegance of the frescoes. the Church has enlarged during my time, and I no longer wish to highlight the lifestyle of my predecessor as I seek to reform the papacy and you depiction of me...

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