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FAH 292 Critical Journal: Landscape And Nationhood (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


the is a critical journal, therefore you can just "i" in the essay. please use simple work and structure.


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Landscape and Nationhood
There is a close relationship between place and artists have over time documented changes in the New World. One of the most common themes was depicting the Native Americans in with feathers adornments, but there were differences in how they were depicted by the British artists and French Canadians. When depicting landscapes, Europeans contrasted encampments occupied by Natives with the arrival of Europeans and their civilization. Landscape paintings represent specific images that people can relate to, and may even depict the national character or what nation seeks to achieve.
Visual culture and landscape also reflect nationhood as there is emphasis on specific artistic features and the most prominent landscapes. The landscape is used to articulate the ideas of nationhood and constructing identities, and landscapes are not stable as meanings depend on what was depicted, when, important events and even particular geographies. In addressing nationhood, landscape represents figures and depictions that are important to the artists. In Canada, the visual cultures that focus on the lives of Canadian Native Peoples have over time highlighted their place in the country. Even though, the aboriginals have been excluded from the mainstream society, landscapes express what defines them including the daily activities they engaged in.
Contact between the Native Canadians

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