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Argument and Evidence. Overview of the Academic Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Read the two papers listed below found in the Keiser University On-Line library. For each article use Checklist questions 5-8 to identify, explain and discuss the argument and evidence the authors present in these papers. Remember, the question is not whether you liked the articles, but whether the authors developed a well supported logical case for their theses.
(In Ebscohost Database) - Deriving the Engel Curve: Pierre Bourdieu and the Social Critique of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Andrew B. Trigg
The Open University

(In Proquest Database) - Enhancing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for Effective Leadership
Bina Soni, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Ramesh Soni, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Argument - The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill - Argument


Overview of the Academic Essay
Copyright 1998, Kathy Duffin, for the Writing Center at Harvard University

The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill - Evidence

Integrating Evidence into Your Writing
This handout was adapted from How to Use Evidence, a pamphlet developed by Indiana University’s Writing Tutorial Services (2004). That pamphlet is available at www(dot)indiana(dot)edu/~wts/pamphlets.shtml
5. Strategies of Development.
Is the paper logically organized into separate sections with headings that represent the major and minor points of the argument?
Are the sections of the paper organized into a logical sequence which supports the thesis statement?
What strategies of development do you see the author using on the paragraph level or in the paper as a whole? Which are the most successful?
6. Development of Ideas.
Are the main points of the paper sufficiently developed?
Does the paper bring up any interesting points that you would like to see developed further?
Do you find any spots where the paper goes off on a tangent or addresses peripheral/irrelevant material?
Are there any places where the author relies too heavily on generalization?
7. Organization of the Argument.
Is the argument organized effectively?
Do the ideas follow each other in a logical, understandable way?
Are there any places that are confusing?
Is the argument based upon valid evidence such as peer-reviewed journal articles or opinion?
What strategies of development do you see the author using on the paragraph level? Which are the most successful?
8. Definitions.
Are all the terms well defined based upon an appropriate number of valid sources?
Terms that have generally accepted meanings in everyday language need to have precise definitions when used in scholarly writing. Identify the terms used in the paper that are well defined, and those that need better definitions.


Argument and Evidence
Author`s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Argument and Evidence
Question 5
The two articles have proper strategies of development because they are organized into a specific section for an easy understanding of the audience or the reader. However, the article “Enhancing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for Effective Leadership” has a better strategy as compared to “Deriving the Engel Curve: Pierre Bourdieu and the Social Critique of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.” Trigg`s article has a little breakdown, which can be challenging to the readers as they have to be keen to understand his message. The article of Trigg consists of the three sections that include the introduction, second part entailing discussion of the problems on the human wants, and the social critique part. 

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