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Outlining Themes and Identifying Theories (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


In the previous assignment, an outline of the research topic, problem, purpose, and research questions was accomplished. In addition, a quality literature review was conducted to identify themes and theories regarding the topic and/or research questions. In this assignment, outline the Mini Literature Review (Chapter 2) for the research study.
Review the literature reviews from Module 1 and recall the themes and theories identified.
Now identify the major themes and theories from those dissertation literature reviews that most significantly influence the dissertation topic. Use each as headings (Roman numerals) to create an outline for the Mini Literature Review. Expand the literature review outline by including additional relevant themes and theories as headings (Roman numerals) and supporting ideas as subheadings (capital letters). Follow standard APA outlining format to add additional levels of detail.
Write a brief statement (to be submitted along with the outline developed in #2 above) explaining the rationale for selecting the themes and theories included in the literature review outline. How do these themes and theories relate to the topic and/or research questions?


Outlining Themes and Identifying Theories
Outlining Themes and Identifying
Common Themes
* Stability of Infant Mortality in Developed Countries
Infant mortality rates tend to be stable in developed nations as supported by various ideas.
The level of income on every individual in a developed nation is relatively high. Also, the development in such nations has relatively remained stable over the years. The stable development and per capita income have enabled the nations to experience a reduction in infant mortality rate over the years.
* Slow Progress in Stabilizing Infant Mortality Rate in Marginalized Nations
Marginalized nations have shown low rates of democracy over the years. The countries have corrupt government systems that do not utilize their resources effectively. For instance, resources are distributed to improve the health care system but those who are authorized to implement the projects are corrupt. Therefore, the nations will have poor health facilities and low level of income which affect the neonatal mortality rates.
* Determinants of Infant Mortality
The social and economic inequality of different countries is one of the factors that explain the variation in the infant mortality rates. Some of the factors include poverty and income levels in different nations (Sengupta, Giri & Mohapatra, 2017). Moreover, the location of a nation will determine the level of infant mortality. Some nations are prevalent to diseases that will likely improve neonatal mortality rates. For instance, a nation with high level of malaria cases will experience improved infant mortality rates.

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