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Poets Focus Mostly On Family Experience, Friendship, Relationships (Essay Sample)


Poetry Essay About  Family Experience, Friendship


Poetry essay
Poetry captures ordinary life in details; several poets focus mostly on family experience, friendship, relationships, and death, transforming them in an extraordinary way. John Reibetanz is one of the famous poets known for his collection of poetry. Lewis Bolt, Farmer and A Chest of Angels are among his collections with hidden meaning of the harsh realities of life. His poems are crafted with a narrative that presents major themes common in ordinary life. John's poetry collection explores pivotal moments in people's lives, showing not only family relations, but also the relationship between human and the environment. John presents intersecting relations that unfolds between human and nature, using extraordinary imagery.
In his poems, stories of love, loss, recovery darkness become known, his poems demonstrate how identity is not only about our surroundings. Family relations and community represent relationships that need to be nurtured. John Reibetanz believes that having a sense of belonging gives us the opportunity to understand our own identity. Family and community can be more than just relationships. Instead, family and community represent relationships that can greatly transform our lives. Relationships can help us understand our own identity.
In the poem by Lewis Bolt, Farmer, John describes his experience to describe his transformative experience as a farmer. He explores his situation to find the true meaning in personal experience. John uses irony to compare humans and rats. He explains a case of a trapped rat who struggles to free his trapped leg and succeeds. He compares the rat with some men who do not have the will to part with their chains. The authors condemn such men and gives an example of Toby Green who been protesting all day instead of doing the right thing to change his situation.
John recalls his childhood memories; he remembers playing with his friends, but also recalls the discipline instilled in him as a child. For him, that is what made him the man. He is proud of his achievements as he recalls how he built his farm out of Muckheap working hard in the mud. In the poem, he states, " A few fights between them and a bulldozer upped the acreage. Next came the barn, netted with age-Old binder

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