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Strategic Plan: Leadership Structure Of RBT Telecom Company (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

  1.  Create a 1,500-2,500- word Strategic Plan in which you and your team make recommendations for leadership development and implementation, as well as HRM applications for your chosen company.
  2.  Please ensure that the work is evenly distributed.

In assessment 3, we chose to create a new telecom company which will be named "RBT". Follow the structure attached in assessment 3 document. In the job specification part in the leadership and HRM section, include 5 jobs which are: 1) General Counsel, 2) CEO, 3) Field development manager, 4) General Business Manager and 5) HR manager. The location of the company is in Dubai, UAE. Follow leadership style of the best telecommunication companies throughout the world. In addition, attached is an example of how we want the paper to.


Strategic Plan


Institutional Affiliation
Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

This strategic plan is designed for the RBT Telecommunication Company that is based in Dubai, UAE. The company has to involve itself in aligning of its strategic plans, which are categorized as short-term objectives and long-term objectives. Short term objectives include reduction in recurrent expenditure, especially in salary payments and utility bills, reshuffling of the customer care department to foster a good customer reputation and developing a vibrant and enthusiastic marketing team that will oversee invention and innovation, brilliant and appealing international marketing strategies to enhance the operations of the RBT Telecom Company in overseas markets (Yukl, 2013). Long-term objectives include the composition of an interim team that will oversee the operations of the company for a while to avoid management succession politics. Imperatively, there is a need for the RBT Telecom Company to devise methods that will enable the training of the domestic labor force. The company over-relies on imported skilled labor, which is expensive in the long run. The strategic plan has helped RBT Telecom Company to maintain its operations in the market through a thorough assessment of its SWOT analysis. Opportunities and strengths have facilitated growth for RBT while the weakness and threats have promoted organizational learning by undressing and appreciating the business environment.
Leadership and HRM Section

The RBT Telecommunications Company uses a fairly horizontal leadership structure, which strives to empower employees at every level of their management structure to ensure they are entrepreneurial and independent. The RBT Telecom Company firmly believes in the power of transparency in its operations (Van der Voort, 2014). It is in the interest of the company that it settles for a horizontal leadership structure so that it makes it easy in the sharing of information among the team players, thus ensuring efficiency and making of strategically driven decisions that enhance and assure quality performance.
The main leadership structure of the RBT Telecom Company is made of the following officers, General Counsel (GC), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Field Development Manager (FDM), General Business Manager (GBM) and Human Resource Manager (HRM). At the top of the organizational structure of the RBT Telecom Company is the general counsel, often referred to as the board of directors, they set goals and objectives for the Telecommunication Company (Yukl, 2013). The general counsel is responsible for setting the direction the company will take, and it is always headed by a chairperson. The second in command is the chief executive officer, who reports directly to the general counsel and is tasked with the responsibility of running the company according to the goals and direction set by the general counsel. Field development officer reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for managing the operations of the company, especially overseeing production and marketing. The general business manager reports to the CEO and handles majorly the administrative and legal aspects of the RBT Telecommunication Company. Finally, the human resource manager is responsible for staffing of the company. The HRM hires and fires the staff that is not consistent with the regulations of the organization. HRM also deals with the general welfare of the workers within the RBT Telecommunication Company.

The leadership structure of RBT Telecom Company

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