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The Linkage Between Ethical Behaviour And Performance (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Unit I Article Review
Using the CSU Online Library, locate an article that discusses the topic of business ethics. Topic ideas might include the role of ethics in the workplace, breach of ethics, the effect of internal and external forces on ethical compliance, global ethical considerations within a business or ethics and employees.
Note these are ideas; please expand within the parameters of ethical topics as they relate to business ethics. Respond to the following questions:
1. Summarize the article and align it with the author's main point.
2. How does this article contribute to contemporary thinking about business ethics? 3. How can you apply information in this article to your field?
4. How did this article fit your ethical view?
Your response should be a minimum of 2 double-spaced pages not including the title and reference pages.
Referenced sources must have accompanying citations complying with APA guidelines. References should include at minimum 1) one of the required reading articles and 2) an additional scholarly reviewed article from the CSU Online Library.


Article Review
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My chosen article from the CSU Online Library is In Favor of Ethics in Business: The Linkage between Ethical Behaviour and Performance. There have been significant changes over the years regarding the development of organizations and economic growth across the globe. Nonetheless, many of the organizations have found themselves in circumstances whereby they have two goals that are contradictory but must be fulfilled. They have the task of ensuring the investors are satisfied through the organization's increased earnings, while also ensuring they meet the stakeholder's needs for ethical practices and conduct in their operations. Many organizations across the globe have realized the significance of addressing this issue of conflicting interests on progressive growth and ethical conduct in their earnings.
In this article, the authors' main points include the realization that ethical conduct significantly contributes to the growth and progress of organizations, meaning, ethical conduct should not be ignored (Singh, & Upadhyay, 2010). Additionally, there are more major factors which must be regarded to realize the significance of ethical conduct such as openness, fairness, consistency, leadership, providing justified rewards, and focusing on values (Singh, & Upadhyay, 2010).
Upadhyay and Singh's article addresses the need for organizations that want to ensure they are ‘ethically fit.' This article is

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