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Shark Tank Pitch Outline – Co-working Space (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Shark Tank pitch outline
Use this business plan to write a pitch outline ( build a shared office platform to help people in need )
It's like a Co-working.

Pitch Outline – Co-working Space Your Name Your Institution of affiliation April 3, 2018 Outline: 1 Statistics and Issues 1 Statistics on the number of solo-entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small startup companies 2 Problems in balancing working space and costs (burn-rate and runway) 1 i.e. “For new startup firms, the flexibility is particularly crucial in case their number of staffs and their funding grow fast” (Wiley, 2016). 3 Issues with regards to Gender abuse and social isolation for women 2 i.e. “Researchers have reported that workplaces dominated by men could trigger social isolation as well as the potential for sexual harassment and nerve-racking interpersonal interactions that could result in self-doubt” (Mok, 2017) 2 Solution 4 One line pitch: “An affordable, convenient, and secure co-working space for women entrepreneurs”. 3 Affordable – flexible rates (no fixed years of traditional lease); flexible choices of amenities 4 Convenient – No-hassle amenities (Wi-Fi, utilities, furniture, and receptionist); playful work spaces (stocked showers, cozy reading nooks, library for femal authors) 5 Secure – 24/7 guard duty, CCTVs, and lockers. 3 Market Statistics and Analysis 5 Booming market of co-working spaces 6 “Providers of shared office workspaces have emerged alongside the startup boom. This new, fast growing subsector of the real estate market is today one of the biggest startup segments” (Spreitzer, Bacevice & Garrett, 2015) 6 Amount of spaces allotted for co-working 7 “In the first quarter of 2016 alone, shared office providers leased 928,471 square feet” (Georgules & Ryan, 2017). 7 Market Share in the entire economy 8 “The co-working industry comprises only 0.7% of the entire office market in the United States” (Georgules & Ryan, 2017). 4 Financial Projections 8 Projected Cash Flows 9 From $160,000 to $224,700 by the end of one year. 9 Average projected income for 6 months 10 $29, 933 5 Call-to-action 10 i.e. “what are you waiting for? Contact us at” References Crockett, M. (2016). Girls allowed: Why women-only co-working spaces are the latest office trend. Retrieved from /life/careers/female-shared-workspace-coworking-rise-wing-audrey-gelman/45...
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