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levels of development defined by the World Bank (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

What are the levels of development defined by the World Bank? - 2. For the lowest level of development, give two advantages and two disadvantages of marketing to countries at that level of development, as opposed to more developed countries. - Advantages - - Disadvantages - 3. Briefly, Why would the U.S. Government be concerned if the value of the Japanese Yen declined relative to the U.S. Dollar? (In other words, it takes more Yen to buy a dollar) (One good sentence is sufficient) 4. If the U. S. Dollar becomes less valuable relative to the Euro (for instance the exchange rate goes from $1.00/Euro to $1.20/Euro), would you expect U.S. exports to the EU to increase, decrease, or be unaffected? Briefly explain why. (You can use an example if that's easier.) source..

The Global Economic Environment

Not all countries are endowed with natural resources as such there are different levels of development with regard to how a country exercises its economic and political power. Different countries have different abilities to exploit their resources and in the same way there are different ways of classifying development.
1. The World Bank classifies development of the different countries in the world into four levels, basing them on their gross national incomes (GNI) per capita (The World Bank, 2013).
Low income countries have an income of about $1,025 and below.
Lower middle income, are countries that have $1,026 to $4,035.
Upper middle income, are those that have $4,036 to $12,475.
High income, are those that have more than $12,476.
2. Adv...
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