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Unit 5 Individual Project: Team Building Agenda (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

You have been placed on a team of 12 to work on a special project for your company. You have been chosen as the team leader. The team will meet all day on Friday to get acquainted with one another and break the ice, as the members are all strangers. Your boss has asked that you developed a 1-page agenda for Friday. The entire day will be broken up into team-building exercises, with a mid morning break, an afternoon break, and allowing 1.5 hours for lunch. The day will run from 9–5 p.m. Your agenda should account for all breaks, lunch, and exercises. Each exercise should be explained in detail so it is apparent how this exercise will aid in team building. At least 2 team-building exercises need to be included here. Adhere to MLA formatting and reference guidelines when writing your response. Additionally, your response should be free of grammatical errors, use complete sentences, and give specific details to support statements. source..
Firstname Lastname
Instructor`s Name
Course Number
12 August 2013
Team Building Agenda - Friday, August 16 2013
By [name of Team Leader]
9.00am: Team Leader greets team members and welcomes them to the venue.
9.30am: Team takes part in activities that are aimed at breaking the ice.
{The Team Leader shall guide the Team members into ice-breaker activities that are aimed at encouraging them at communicating with each other and getting to know each other in this new setting. The team members can be encouraged to share information about themselves and get to know the rest of the mates a little.}
(Falvey 23)
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