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Company Case 1: FedEx Delivery Services (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Please do a a one-page, single-space, 10 point Times New Roman font, block format, standard margins reflection answering the questions at the end of the case.

  1. Give examples of needs, wants, and demands that FedEx customers demonstrate, differentiating these three concepts.
  2. Describe FedEx in terms of the value it provides customers. How does FedEx engage customers?
  3. Evaluate FedEx’s performance relative to customer expectations. What is the outcome of this process?
  4. Which of the five marketing management orientations best applies to FedEx?
  5. With increased competition today, how can FedEx continue to be competitive?

Company Case 1: FedEx
Question 1.
Needs are the essential components of human survival. They are products and services that people require and buy. In the FedEx case, customers' needs include an overnight shipping to deliver urgent products to the right places quickly. Also, the need to obtain quality service in the delivery of goods to the customer's satisfaction. Consequently, wants underlie the needs. Individual personality, culture and societal attributes influence wants. Wants would be preferences or tastes, for instance, the FedEx customers want a safe delivery of their packages. A survey done by FedEx showed that a haphazard and disorderly piles of packages sent a disturbing visual clue to customers about the safety of their goods. Also, FedEx customers want timely customer service on all communication channels such as social media and mobile media. They also want a response and a solution to the problem they raise and a trustworthy service provider. Demand is the willingness and the ability of a consumer to purchase a need or a want. People use the FedEx services, thus creating demand. For instance, the case offers an illustration of how Nicole Snow was in need of shipping service, wanted one that was reliable amidst the extreme weather and with the ability to buy the service, FedEx was able to fix her problems.
Question 2.
FedEx offers a customer-centric service that prioritizes the satisfaction of consumers. The company is flexible to fi

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