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Review Of The Movie Politics, Power And Public Good 1972 (Movie Review Sample)


I need the summary and review about the movie "Politics, Power and the Public Good". Thank you.

“Politics, Power and Public Good” Summary and Review
Politics, Power and Public Good is a shorter version of All King’s Men of 1949 starring Broderick Crawford. This film teaches school students on the various ways that corruption can exist in the society. It also enlightens the students how people can use their power to manipulate others in the society.
The story of this film is about the rise and fall of a political in the South. Broderick Crawford rises from the lowest class in the society to be the state governor and a prominent political figure. He uses dubious means such as blackmailing his enemies to give him power and implements policies that tax the rich more than the poor farmers. He is surrounded by enemies starting with the former governor who endlessly searches for means of ending Broderick’s power. Broderick is joined by a historian who uses his skills to find the secrets of the enemies of the governor for purposes of blackmailing them.
Broderick asks his right hand man to uncover the secrets of the Judge who is a father figure to him. It is discovered that the judge had accepted a bribe and the former governor had a hand in its cover up. Later the judge commits suicide. The governo...
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