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Living with Alzheimer’s Video Report Social Sciences Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Video: https://www(dot)pbs(dot)org/video/alzheimers-and-dementia/
Assignment: Please write 2-3 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman. The paper should be in the format of Microsoft Word document, with the font size of 12 and margins of 1” on all sides. Write the paper in an essay format. You have to watch the documentary in order to write the paper.

1. Begin your paper with a brief overview of the documentary.

2. In the main body of the reflection paper on the documentary, using concepts or theories we have learned in class or discussed in the textbook to answer the following questions. Make sure to support your discussion with examples provided in the documentary.

(1) What is the impact of dementia on individuals who are diagnosed with it? Consider multiple aspects of the impact.
(2) What are the challenges that caregivers and families face in caregiving for people with dementia?
(3) What are the challenges on the community and the country in general?
(4) What could be a better way to care for people with dementia? Should families be responsible? How can the community help? How much help should the government provide?

3. If there is any further reflection you have on the documentary, please write down.

4. Provide a brief concluding paragraph


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Living with Alzheimer’s Video Report
The Impact of Dementia on Individuals who are Diagnosed with it Considering Multiple Aspects of the Impact
The impact of dementia has a lot of mental effects on a patient, such as psychosis, hallucinations, violence, low mood, and a lot of trouble with their day to day tasks. The changes in cognitive activities resulting from Alzheimer’s disease can frustrate a patient’s ongoing treatment (Alzheimer’s Association, 11). Examples of such cognitive changes include impaired physical functions such as balance, bladder control, swallowing, injuries from falls, and inability to communicate any discomfort or pain. Alzheimer’s can cause such disorders as cerebrovascular disease, anxiety, and depression. The impact of dementia varies between individuals, and the type of blood vessel damaged (Bowers 13). For instance, the initial diagnosis of Alzheimer’s may pose severe impacts on a patient’s life and may present a broad portfolio of disbelief, fear, or grief. Patients tend to strive to deal with these emotions, which explains why their emotions change suddenly as they adjust to treatment, which, in effect, may trigger depression and anxiety in some individuals.
The Challenges that Caregivers and Families Face in Caregiving for People with Dementia

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