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The Lego Movie (Movie Review Sample)


Watch the lego movie (analysis) argue one argument use one out side resource to support your argument 2 rhetorical appeals ( ethos pathos logos ) i want the writer to continue on my paragraphs i want the writer to write on my ideas

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Unleash the Creativity
Everyone is special in his or her own way. It is hard to distinguish between each other. If we all were following rules to limit ourselves we would be the same. The Lego Movie, by Chris Miller, Phil Lord, showed a city full of citizens who were following instructions all their lives on how to live, and work (Young). Which limited their minds and made them no more than ordinary citizens. Therefore, the citizens of the city will not know what to do if there were no instructions to follow, and there was no chance for someone to be creative. However, at the end of The Lego Movie, all of these citizens stopped following instructions, and started creating their own builds in order to save the city from getting destroyed. The Lego Movie convinces us that everyone can make a change in the world, and we should never limit our creativity.
If every person limited himself to specific rules, he would not try and achieve anything special that would make him proud of himself (Walsh 176). At the begging of the movie, there was a prophecy that stated a special one will save the world from getting destroyed. People are engineered to believe everything is Ok, when in real sense President Business, an evil businessperson, is planning something bad. After they found out that the special person was Emmet, who was an ordinary citizen, they were disappointed. The movie used pathos when Vitruvius was dying and told them that the prophecy was made up to hold hope for saving the world, which meant that there was no special one that everyone should count on. In other words, it meant that we all are the same, and everyone is capable of achieving goals to be considered special. All one requires in realizing his/her potential, is to be confident. This is what the old man, Vitruvius, expected of Emmet.
It will never help our society if no one can consider himself special. It would keep the citizens holding themselves back, and never consider the possibility of what can happen when they believe in themselves. Life allows people the opportunity to try things out and make mistakes (Walsh 133). It is through people’s failure that they get to learn and perfect on certain skills or capabilities. The Lego movie demonstrated this point through the citizens of the city following of instructions. For them, to be happy, people had to adhere to certain basic rules of life. For example, some of the rules included smiling, exercising, and singing to a common song tagged, everything is awesome. This use of ethos defines the culture of the people. When people become so loyal to the rules, demonstrating their full conformity, the society tend to look upon such people siting they are not special because they tend to accept everything that comes their way. Benny is one person who follows all the rules in order to be happy. He is a good guy who is enthusiast about life. However, his co-workers consider him not special because he says yes, to everything done by other people and his mind seems to be blank with no ideas. It seem by basing one’s life on rules, a person becomes unable to realize his/her potential. After being rescued, Benny is told he is the chosen one and that his is believed to be the most interesting and most creative person. Although, he accepts this, he is marveled at the claims because he has always known himself to be a no-body owing to his colleagues’ remarks. Instructions or rules have prevented people from realizing their potential. By strictly following rules, Benny cannot use his creativity to save himself. When Wyldstyle or Lucy, tells him to cross to the secret tunnel, he resists, protesting that it is against the set instructions that forbid people from going beyond the city&rsq...
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