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Long Shot documentary: Literature & Language Movie review. (Movie Review Sample)


dont use too high level vocabulary and make some mis take on the grammar


2. Message:
o What is the main message of the film?
o What are the underlying arguments or assertions?
o What is the tone used by the filmmakers? What mood does the film create?
3. Composition:
o What techniques do the filmmakers use? (i.e. interview, narration, etc.)
o What types of camera/filming styles are employed?
4. People: How would you describe the people depicted in the documentary? (i.e. age, gender, ethnicity, profession, appearance)
5. Rhetorical Appeal: What strategies do the filmmakers use to convince the audience of their point? (ethos, logos, pathos); provide one example of each type.



Institution affiliation:
Long Shot documentary: Movie review
It is everyone’s nightmare to face punishment for a crime they did not commit. The nightmare becomes worse if the punishment is the death penalty. Unfortunately, Long Shot portrays how Juan Catalan was taken down this road by the LAPD. His claim of innocence was supported by bleak evidence, which was not enough to avoid the death penalty. As a result, all odds were against him as the LAPD believed they had gotten the murderer and the case was to be presented by a prosecutor who had never lost a murder case. However, out of nowhere, evidence supporting Juan’s claim was obtained and he escaped the death penalty.

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