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Death Penalty: Texas Justice System Criminal Proceedings (Essay Sample)


Objective: Use examples from the movie to explain the politics of Texas’ justice system in application of criminal proceedings and the nature of corrections policy to illustrate meaning of the statement “lock em up” mentality; and create an argument supporting rehabilitation or incarceration as the best correctional policy approach to dealing with criminals in Texas.
When writing your essay, respond to the prompt thoroughly, and completely. Essays must be a minimum of 1.5 - 2 pages in length, double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font, and written in Times New Roman.
Your response should be your own thoughts and analysis. Citations may be formatted in APA, MLA or Chicago style, as long as they are consistent throughout. Research and resources should be incorporated with scholarly application. I.e. used as examples or evidence to support your analysis. Make sure to use complete sentences, and proper grammar. Your response to the prompt should focus on analyzing the information you gather and used to provide examples that support your assessment
“A” papers should include a critical analysis of the video’s by applying at least 1 example from each film to support your position.
A bibliography, references or works cited page, must accompany submission. This page does not count towards the minimum length, of the paper. Students must provide proper in-text (parenthetical) citations. Failure to cite paraphrased work or direct quotes, from the original work, thoughts and/or ideas of someone, other than your own, will result in an automatic 0, with no make-up work being accepted.

PART 1: Video Access and Viewing
The video you are required to watch, in order to complete this assignment is 50 minute in length. The video is over the Todd Willingham Case. The video is publicly accessible through PBS Frontline’s official website. You can access the video one of two ways, following the instructions provided below
Click the link below, or copy and paste the link , into a new tab, in your internet browser.
http://www(dot)pbs(dot)org/wgbh/pages/frontline/death-by-fire/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
PART 2: Video Reflection, Analysis and Submission Instructions
Write a reflective analysis of crime, justice and punishment under application of the Death Penalty, in Texas, based on application of what you learned from the Todd Willingham Case Video.
Write an essay that addresses each of prompt's 2 components,Issue Position and Explanation and Application, outlined below
Issue Position:
First, Identify whether you are for, or against use of the death penalty as a form of criminal punishment (there is NO right or wrong answer). Successful completion of this assignment, and it’s learning objective, require your compliance in identification or your personal position, and perspective, towards the issue of the “death penalty”. Responses are confidential and will be graded objectively, based on student’s independent, reflective analysis of their own individual personal perspectives, and application of the information.
Explanation and Application
Then, Discuss, and describe, the nature of political debate, surrounding the issue of the death penalty, and explain how your personal position toward the issue has changed or been reinforced, with regard to application to crime, punishment and justice in Texas, based on what you learned from the movie.


Death Penalty in Texas
(Student’s name)
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Death Penalty in Texas
I agree that death penalty is necessary because it is something that could lessen the crime rate not only in Texas but even in other parts of the country. That can be said because people will think twice before committing a heinous crime because if they get caught, there is a possibility that the consequence is death penalty. I think that life sentence is not enough because there is still a chance that they will continue to do crime outside the jail. In addition, it gives citizens a sense of security that there is a heavy punishment for anyone who does crime against them.
My stand on this will never change because criminals deserv

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