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Death in Ancient Cultures Coursework Assignment (Coursework Sample)


Research death rituals or beliefs in Ancient . Use at least 3 resources.
Use this information to answer the following two questions:
Why do you think it is so important for people to have an understanding of death and mortality? Why do you think that human beings go to such great lentghts to deal with this issue?
Response must be one page minimum. Double spaced. Link your sources at the end of your response.


Death in Ancient Cultures
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Death in Ancient Cultures
Question 1
In particular, I think it is significant for people to understand death and mortality. Different cultures mourn dead people in distinctive ways. However, the only common thing about individuals is that they have inherent beliefs about something they do not know about the afterlife (Peters, 2017). For example, ancient Egyptians put food and alcohol in pyramids of deceased people since they believed in “Ka.” “Ka” refers to an entity associated with the physical body that makes individuals think that the dead person needs to eat, smell, and drink in their afterlife (, n.d.). Some communities, such as Mexicans hold festivities and celebrations to welcome dead people temporarily into their families’ lives. In my opinion, all the above observations tell us that understanding death and mortality is vital for people to know how to handle deceased individuals in their afterlife.
Question 2
From my perspective, people go in-depth when trying to deal with the issue of death and mortality. For instance, Egyptians performed the process of mummification, which involves washing a corpse and removing organs that hasten the rotting process (, n.d.). What they forgot is that nothing can bring the dead back to li

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