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Usage Of Stem Cells: Body’s Natural Reservoir (Essay Sample)


Needed is a persuasive essay for a speech.
THE TOPIC FOR THE ESSAY IS **usage of stem cells**
****ALSO, an OUTLINE IS NEEDED. The outline must be MLA style, 12 point, times new roman font, and organized in the proper outline template. The outline needs to include **a thesis, be organized in sections (introduction, body, conclusion), and include 4 references. Specifically, use the Alphanumeric outline style.
**Requirements for the essay: 4 sources listed on outline, main points defending the use of stem cells and **one of the main points MUST involve the refutation of an opposing view. **For example, if you were doing a speech supporting the death penalty, one point of your speech would cover an argument used by opponents of the death penalty and your response to that argument. A good persuasive speech does not ignore opposing views – it addresses and overcomes them. A good persuasive speech does not choose the opposition’s weakest argument to refute; it selects the most common and strongest argument.
Depending on your topic and structure, the refutation point may come before or after your opinion. No matter what persuasive format you choose (problem/solution, call to action, change or reinforce attitude or belief), the refutation step MUST be included.


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Usage of Stem Cells
Cells in the human body are meant to perform particular functions although stem cells do not fall into this category. Stem cells have no predefined purpose, but are the body’s natural reservoir. Their primary role is to replenish stocks of specialized cells that are depleted or damaged. They are unspecialized, but after a while, that is after development, they turn into specialized cells. Through mitotic cell division, they are able to renew themselves and differentiate into a range of specialized cell types. Since their early development stages, humans develop stem cells up to the end of their life. In essence, stem cells are central to the development, growth, maintenance, and repair of the skin, blood, nerves, muscles, and the brain (Mahla 1). The use of stem cells in the contemporary healthcare is phenomenal as they are used in skin replacement, treatment for Parkinson’s disease, and in drug discovery and development, although the destruction of embryonic stem cells continue to spark theological and philosophical debates.
Knowledge on stem has made it possible for skin replacement. In the process, dermatologists are competent to grow skin from a patient’s plucked hair. The science behind this is hair follicles contain skin stem cell and therefore, the cells can be removed when hair is plucked (Kalra & Tomar 923). Moreover, they can modelled to form an epidermal equivalent of the patient’s own skin. The result is a tissue for an autologous graft and thus, chances of rejection are rare. While skin is the largest organ in the human body, it remains exposed to the adverse consequences of burns. This organ is a mechanical barrier against the external environment and is also central to the retention of fluids and moisture. The loss of this protective layer could result in infection and rapid evaporative losses. Stem cell therapy serves to reestablish the normal skin function, reduce scar formation, and general skin repair and regeneration.
Parkinson’s disease are a cause for concern because of the progressive nervous breakdown and retrogressive nature of movement. People have either stifled or slowed movements. On the other hand, stem cells come in handy when searching for the treatment of this condition. In this regard, stem cells are a good source of dopamine neurons that can be transplanted into patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease (Freed 1755). Patients with this condition lack cells that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine. Experiments related to this process have indicated success in the release

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