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Ethics of War - The Road to Basra (Essay Sample)

What is the ethical dilemmas raised by the "Operation Desert Storm" in Basra, Iraq. 2. Is it possible to make sense of the conduct or rules of war between warring nations? If yes then how, if now why not? Relate your response to point of views from articles on incidents that took place during Operation Desert Storm. Which point of view do you agree with and why? source..
ETHICS OF WAR: THE ROAD TO BASRA Name: Course: Professor Name: (February 07, 2012) Ethics of War: The Road to Basra The Persian Gulf War also known as the operation desert storm was wage against Iraq. The United Nation (UN) and 34 other countries ambushed Iraq to protest its troops in invading Kuwait. This paper discusses the ethical dilemmas raised by the operation desert storm and whether it is possible to make a sense of the actions of warring nations. The sovereignty of a country is paramount and it should always be protected; it was unethical for Iraq to invade Kuwait and take over their resources. In fact, this was the major cause of the operation desert storm to liberate the nation from external forces. For the countries involved in the war they had a moral and ethical obligat...
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