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Essay Question: Rethinking the color line. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Read the instruction carefully: Paraphrase and get answers from this book ONLY. the book Rethinking the color line Give the essay a title. Use the ASA format for this essay. Include a strong thesis sentence that succinctly answers the question.Write an introduction,a body, and a conclusion.Use short paragraphs to organize your argument, and ensure that each paragraph has a topic sentence. And Flows well. Answer all the question.
1. Many people claim that we live in a post-racial society. What is your response? While answering the question,describe the current trends in racial stratification and what those trends say about the real American values. (Draw your answer from the section of the book. “American Values, Contemporary Trends.”)
2. Many people believe that race is a biological fact. What is your response? In answering the
question, describe what it means that race is socially constructed and wethor or not race is
real. (Draw your answer from the section of the book refthink the color line“Th Social Construction of Race–Theory.”)
3. How is the social construction of African Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans different?How is it the same? In answering the question,also discuss what future racial
classifications might be. (Draw your answer from the section of the syllabus, “The Social Construction of Race- Examples.”)
4. Many people claim that they are color-blind. What is your response? In answering the
question, discuss color-blind racism. (Draw your answer from the section of the syllabus,
“Color-Blind Racism.”)


Essay Question: Rethinking the color line
People are still judged by their racial backgrounds, and even the media frames some news stories in a way that has racial tones especially when reporting on crime, violence and mass murder. Popular culture and scholarly studies used different terms to identify people with specific racial groups. As such, racial ethnicities are social constructions as people to choose to identify with certain races and ancestries. Gallagher (2012: 114) associates Whiteness with racial hierarchy and the privileges of belonging to the dominant group and multiracial people and other groups who identify as white are deracialized. Color-blindness represents the notion the country is race neutral and everyone has equal opportunities regardless of their background. The formation of racial identity has partly been influenced by competing views on all-inclusive American values, the social construction of race and color-blindness.

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