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The Process Of Racial Identity Development (Essay Sample)


Your reflection should approximate 500 words (or two double-spaced pages). Please choose one of the options below as your reflection topic.
Option 1:
"We have to make a way where there is no way" - (IGUR) Just briefly mention where the book said this quote came from. There are a number of vignettes (i.e., pp 118-119; pp 120-121; p. 131; pp 136-137.; 139-142 etc.) scattered throughout chapter 6. Choose one vignette and do a compare/contrast with your own experience. What was similar? What was different? Do you think your experience as an underrepresented minority is different from others? If you are not an underrepresented minority, how do you think your experience differs? Feel free to use examples from the book.
Option 2:
Go to student development theory wordpress com and choose either the racial identity topic, the ethnic identity topic, or the gender and sexual development topic. Within each of those topics, you will see numerous frameworks. Choose ONE. (e.g., Atkinson, Morten, and Sue’s Racial and Cultural Identity Development: Five Stage Model (1979,1989, 1993, 1998)). For each bullet point, find a concrete example in your life that best fits with the generic description in the framework. Do you think that this model adequately fit your individual experience within the topic that you chose? That is, if you chose a topic in racial identity development, did it completely capture your experience of racial identity development? Why or why not? What is one thing you would add or subtract from your framework? Why?


Racial Identity


Institutional Affiliation
Racial Identity

Race refers to categorizations based on physical features such as the skin tone, which is used by sociologists to classify human populations. The sense of belonging to a certain race as well as the individual’s perception of sharing a heritage with a particular race is called racial identity. Various theories have been advanced to explain the process of racial identity development. The Atkinson, Morten, and Sue’s Racial-cultural Development Identity theory is one of the models that explains the process. The model discusses the five stages involved in the racial identity development among the people of color such as the Latino Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans. The five stages describe the change in beliefs and attitude that the members of these minority groups undergo regarding themselves, other members of their ethnic group, other minority groups, as well as the dominant group. The five stages are conformity, dissonance, resistance and immersion, introspection, and the synergistic articulation and awareness stage. The model was developed in 1979 but has undergone a number of refinements ever since. It has been the foundation for the development of other models of racial identity development (Baty, Dominy, Mason, Robinson, & Wollenschlaeger, 2011).

During the conformity stage, one prefers the dominant culture and bears a negative attitude towards their own ethnic group as well as the other minority groups. In the dissonance stage, a conflicting attitude on whether to appreciate or depreciate one’s group, other minorities, as well as the dominant group arises. Attempts

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