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Solution to Racism: Social Inequality And Segregation (Essay Sample)


Research Assignment
You will demonstrate your mastery of the research process by
Researching a topic of interest to you (that fits one of the approved categories) culminating in the submission of either
1. Traditional Research Paper minimum of 1500
MLA format with Works Cited page
Minimum of 8 sources
The Method: We will approach the research process in stages and you will be required to submit evidence of completion of each stage. We will devote significant portions of class to the discussion of research methods and techniques, citation, plagiarism, and formulation and organization or your final products.
Categories of Topic Selection
1. Investigating a controversial claim, conspiracy theory, or cultural myth
2. Proposing a solution to a social issue problem
3. A psycho-biographical reading of a literary work
4. A thesis-driven treatment of some issue related to modernism or globalization
(Do not choose a hard topic, it is a high school homework.Choose some easy(everyone knows in nowadays) topic and do not use too many hard vocabulary.)


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Solution to Racism
Social inequality and segregation is still a plague our nations have to keep fighting, it's a problem evident in both developed and developing countries. Racism tops the list of inequality especially in developed world but the problem has also crippled some developing countries like South Africa under the oppression of apartheid. Racism is superiority perception towards own race and viewing other races as inferior. With civilization comes the need to create equality in all aspects of humanity and unfortunately in a country like he U.S even with the voices and influences of great men like Martin Luther, racial equality of the American dream is far from being achieved.
Colored people are given labels and it becomes something worth noting when a black person sits in the company of white people. Take the case of Barack Obama, it was noted that he was the only black member of the Senate in U.S and it was an applause when he became the first Black American president in the nation's history. These highlights as much as they create history, they also shed light on the real problem that racism is still prevalent. Unfortunately there is still a big gap between whites and blacks in most countries and it is the latter who are most likely going to be arrested and incarcerated for various crimes such as drugs and murder, young black women are involved in prostitution and such habits stemming from identity crisis for being black in a white country that calls them ‘negro' ignoring their individualism according to the guardian.
Anti-racist have come up strongly in the fight against racism and now one has to be very careful in their mannerism and speech. Racism presents itself in different forms such as brutality from police officer, stereotyping, racist-speech, prejudice, attacks on immigrants, racial profiling in different areas especially in public offices, assault and unfair incarceration of non-white people. This has rendered the problem hard to solve because while today racism presents itself in court injustice, tomorrow is a high school kid insult his black classmate (What will it take for yhr US to eradicate racist ideas?).
Additionally, it has been evident that racial struggles are directly related to class struggles, it is hard to find a white person struggling up the social class and this has been attributed to discrimination in the open market where black people were left out in the credit and housing market and thus robbed the opportunity to create wealth. Furthermore, racism is a problem that starts with individuals, white people have become embedded from a young age with ideas of racism and no matter how hard one may try, their environment is filled with racial remarks and prejudices.
The solutions lies in dealing with the problem at the root level then working upwards will be very easy. First and foremost, racism has to be dealt with at an individual level, racism is always a personal choice that finds its way to becoming a social problem. On the same note the best approach on this individualistic racism is dealing with the problem on a psychological view to bear more fruit than using law. According to Martin Luther King, tough love of loving thy neighbor as thy self also plays a key role in eradicating racism. Additionally, if people walked their faith and especially Christians, this would help alleviate the problem. The other solution would be ending violence coming from police officers and extremist. Additionally there is also violence in the legal system and the economy that discriminate against the minority non-white.
Anger and violence manifesting in protests and riots does not solve the problem, as much the Black Lives Matter campaign C

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