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Australian Businesses and Climate Change Mitigation (Essay Sample)


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Answer the provided question for that topic by writing a thesis statement and 2 body paragraphs (250 words altogether) in the argumentative genre using the techniques learned in class this week. You should indicate which question you have chosen.
You have been provided with three references per topic. You must use all of these references, and only these references. Access these references through the Writing Task 2 assessment folder.
Your work must be formatted according to requirements and include appropriate referencing. All references must be presented in the AMJ referencing style, and your reference list should start on a separate page.


Australian Businesses and Climate Change Mitigation
University Affiliation
Australian Businesses and Climate Change Mitigation
Businesses play a critical role in shaping the manner in which the society progresses. While it is quite clear that the economic and social development of societies is influenced by businesses, it should equally be made clear that the climate change realized today is also caused by businesses. Businesses continue to emit greenhouse gases at a detrimental rate, not only in Australia, but across the world as well. In this sense, it is critical that in Australia, businesses should be made responsible for mitigating the effects of climate change.
Businesses in Australia have had significant impacts on the social, economic, and political landscape. For instance, the impact of businesses on climate change has been significant in the past 25 years, with approximately 90 companies being responsible for two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions (Goldenberg, 2013). With some of the largest oil and gas companies being part of this cabal, it is imperative that said companies are made to take responsibility for their actions. This will help mitigate the

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