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Summary And Abstract: Dragons Of Inaction (Essay Sample)


Abstract and Summary  

An article fluttered down onto your desk with the request: "I don't have time to read all of this. I got it from David. Will you do a précis for me? Take it down to a page and a half. There's a meeting on Friday about company climate change policies and why we are making so little progress in implementing them. I need convincing evidence to support my position that we need to take stronger action to implement some local policies that will make a difference, something that our employees and the public will buy in to.  “Will you write up a précis for me and have it on my desk early next week. Thanks." With that Carina, your boss, dashes off down the hall.

Her cryptic request becomes clearer when you see the full title: Climate Change: Dragons, mules, and honeybees: Barriers, carriers, and unwitting enablers of climate change action.  Now what does that mean?  Scanning quickly, you see the article outlines reasons why many people don’t act when it comes to larger global issues like climate change.  Although Carina knows a little about climate change, she really knows nothing about what impedes progress in this area. 

Her company has set up a steering committee to understand what it can do to implement climate change polices on a corporate level.  Carina was a natural choice for committee membership because she is a strong speaker, but she needs to learn more about why so little action has been taken and implemented to date. So now, it's up to you, as her executive assistant, to help cover the gap in her knowledge about the difficulties of implementing climate change policies.  Write an abstract and summary for the article and include references at the end (about 550 words).

Create an abstract for the article.  Pretend you are the author.  A publisher wants to include the article in a journal but needs an abstract to accompany the publication.  Write an three-sentence abstract that you would like to see accompany the publication of climate change action and inaction of the renewable energy article and for the hydroelectricity article.

The Gifford article was written in 2013 and published in the Bulletin of Atomc Scientists.  Below is the reference. You can open it by clicking the link or by going the library’s main search window and type out the title.   

Submission requirements 

  • Cover page
  • One abstract
  • A summary of the Gifford article
  • APA reference


Gifford, R. (2013). Dragons, mules, and honeybees: Barriers, carriers, and unwitting enablers of climate change action. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists69(4), 41–48. Retrieved January 1, 2019

Planning Sheet

Full APA Cover Page


Summary and Abstract
Student’s Name
Why are people not engaged in plans that can assist in mitigating climate change? The psychological “dragons of inaction” that hinder human behaviors comprise of seven ” genera.” Each “genera” has several “species” of obstacles to pro-environmental behavior. They all symbolize alarming challenges to policymakers not because there are numerous dragons, but also because policymakers are supposed to learn how these dragons hinder people in targeting policies that are cost-effective. Some citizens “mules” bear a heavy load of responsibility as they take the foremost initiatives to alleviate climate change (Gifford, 2013). Other people are “honeybees” who assist the environments, although their major intentions are helping the environment.
Keywords: Risk, psychology, climate change, inaction, dragons, ideology, barriers
In the article “Dragons, mules, and honeybees: Barriers, carriers, and unwitting enablers of climate change action” by Robert Gifford the author tries to illustrate some of the barriers and enablers of climate change. The author examines the dragons of inactions that act as a hurdle to pro-environmental behaviors of people. The author states that the yearly amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere from the fossils has increased for the past few years, and the first time in a few decades the regular levels of carbon dioxide has increased up to

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