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Rhetorical Self - Analysis WCW 10B (Article Critique Sample)


The purpose of this writing project is to analyze a "Blog article" among the topic of climate change. HOWEVER, analyze the article with rhetorical details. For instance, what is my intended audience? How is my genre effectively appeal to my audience? What are my rhetorical strategies used in the blog article?.... The topic of my class is "rhetorical situation", so please don't be off topic.


Student #10 Self-Analysis
 WCW 10B
While young adults are some of the most informed on climate change impact, there is still those who raise doubts about the viability of scientific evidence and whether humans are the case of climate change. My intended audience is 25-35 years old Americans, who hold a dismissive attitude on the issue of climate change. The goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the priorities to improve air quality and reduce the impact of climate change. Despite growing interest on the best ways to deal with the anthropogenic climate change, there are those less concerned about climate change. To address this, I decided to address the climate change skeptics/ deniers and I post my article on the website, ‘wixsite’, which does not require login details to access the article. first rhetoric argument sousing effective communication to enhance behavior and social changes to motivate people to take more action, as well s scientific evidence and recommendations.
The case for choosing the blog is that there is great flexibility to express feelings, thoughts and to a wider audience unlike an email where the subject is addressed to one person. The distinct audience groups when targeting climate change actions are the alarmed, concerned, cautious , disengaged , doubtful and dismissive (Barnosky). The alarmed are most concerned about climate change and the dismissive believe that climate change is not a problem and are unlikely to change their minds even when there is scientific evidence (Barnosky). The readers have the opportunity to comment and there are even criticisms, and different points of view that challenge my thoughts and writing. This way I hope to engage and convince the targeted audience on the need t be more proactive to address climate change. Hopefully, I can establish an interactive dialogue with many of the targeted audience members.
I recognize that each person has their own point of view and if I can persuade climate change skeptics and show what has been done to reduce the climate change effects, then it is likely that there are those who will reconsider their beliefs and understanding on climate change. The target audience are involved and engaged in climate change debates and discussions, but they need to be distrustful of the climate change scientists. I highlighted that changes ii a collective effort and urge the audience to be more engaged and infor

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