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The Things Money Cant buy The Great Gatsby and Wolf of Wall Street (Essay Sample)


The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall street both convey the vanity of the American Dream. When people have all the things that money can buy, they miss the priceless things money does not buy - true love and happiness.

My texts are:
The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street
Example of aesthetic features to talk about and mention in feature article:
Spoken devices:
- Images
- Motifs
- Rhetoric
- Symbolism
Film devices:
- Costuming
- Editing
- Imagery
- Motifs
- Photography
- Screen play
- Symbolism
Dramatic devices:
- Costuming
- Dialogue
- Motifs
- Style
- Symbolism
Stylistic devices:
- Text structures
- Juxtaposition, e.g of two contrasting settings
- Approaches to narration
- The use of narrative viewpoint
- Approaches to characterisation
- Use of figurative devices
- Use of rhetorical devices e.g. repetition
- Control of sentence length and form
- Literary patterns and variations
- Sound devices
- Visual devices
- Engaging headline
- Lead
- Introduction that engages audience and outlines argument
- Short paragraphs (1-3 sentences)
- Conclusion that ends in a final thought provoking statement or question
- Register that is appropriate to audience and engaging
- Embedded evidence/quotes
- Inclusive language
- Use of rhetoric
- Text titles in italics
- Columns
- By line
- Images with captions
- Drop cap
Written: 1000–1500 words (may be accompanied by
digital elements appropriate to the type of publication)
Mode / length
Topic/s Topic 1: Conversations about concepts in texts
Unit Unit 3: Textual connections
Extended response — written response for a public


The Things Money Can’t buy;
‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.
he quote ‘money can’t buy you happiness' is never truer than when viewed through the storylines of 'The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. This conflicts with the notion that living the American dream translates to happiness. Both texts illustrate the vanity of the American dream; its un-satisfaction and un-attainability and the misery that comes with the pursuit of riches. When people have all the things that money can buy, they miss the priceless things that money does not buy like true love, happiness, and peace of mind. Over obsession with money not only affects your happiness but also those around you.
Various features in both texts show the vanity associated with chasing and achieving (or not achieving) the American dream. Gatsby’s mansion, big and empty shows how his wealth has bought his loneliness for the things he did to attain Daisy’s love. The mansion was one of the things he bought to impress his true love which in turn became his source of misery. He ends up having the property and with no one to share it with showing the emptiness of the American dream after having all the money.

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