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The American Dream: A Short History of an Idea That Shaped a Nation (Coursework Sample)


Prompt from Professor:
Step #1: Read Chapter 4 of Jim Cullen's The American Dream: A Short History of an Idea That Shaped a Nation
Step #2:  
Question #1. What are the three types of equality discussed in the chapter?
Question #2. Using examples from our current society, discuss how each of these types of equality are moving closer to fruition and how, in other ways, the equality gap is widening.
Question #3. At the dawn of the 20th Century, what we recognize as our modern economic systems were being rapidly developed and solidified. During this time in the U.S., Cullen writes, "[a]ny assertion that people should be more equal than they theoretically already were smacked of socialism--and socialism, like other "foreign" ideas, was thoroughly beyond the pale" (107). Discuss how this is still relevant in our society today, quoting from current politicians on different sides of the issue (hint: look at clips/articles from Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on one side vs. trump and Rand Paul on the other. You don't have to use those particular politicians, and there are nuanced views from others in between, but they are good places to look for articulations of the different perspectives).
Question #4. Cullen describes voting laws that were meant to disguise inequality by creating "standards (like literacy tests, poll taxes, and the like) that were supposedly racially neutral" but indeed prevented actual equality (109). What are some "standards" today (in voting laws or any other laws) that disguise inequality?
Question #5. The chapter focuses mostly on the unique experience of African-Americans and the issue of equality. Discuss another group that has experienced or currently is experiencing inequality in America, using at least one quotation from the chapter.
Notes from me the Student to the Essay Zoo writer:
Assignment Guidlines:
* Use Times New Roman Font Size 12 with one inch margins all around
* The five questions don't have to answered in essay form but rather in a paragraph for each question.
* I uploaded screenshots images of Chapter 4 of Jim Cullen's book. Since I could only upload 20 files in the order form I uploaded the remaining 9 pages through the DropMeFiles link below.
Thank you for your time.


Course code:
The Debate on Inequality in the United States of America
The American dream is a vision of a free and equal United States of America. In chapter four of Jim Cullen's The American Dream, he discusses the history of the Civil rights struggles in America. One of the main issues addressed in the book is political, civil and social equality. The justice system has two mentions where the court rulings against African Americans is controversial. Homer Plessy was tried for violation of Louisiana separate car law while in 1955, “Claudette Colvin was arrested for refusing to give up her seat for a white man.” She was, however, charged with disorderly conduct chargers, assault. Their convictions showed a lack of Civil equality and freedom in public places in the same year; Rosa Parks experienced the same thing. Social justice manifests itself in the push to equate American schools. The pioneer of this, Thurgood Marshall fought for the desegregation and equality in American public schools. CITATION Jim04 \l 1033 (Jim)

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