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Analysis for BURIED CHILD Visual & Performing Arts Book Review (Book Review Sample)


Read BURIED CHILD by Sam Shepard for a Quiz on Thursday.
The 1-page analysis will be due on Thursday, Oct 17 by 11:59pm..
Use simple grammar and simple sentences.


What are the important THEMES found in this play?

***Please put this in the form of a question. Example: How does the issue of independence vs conformity come up for Character A?***

 What elements of the HISTORICAL and/or CULTURAL CONTEXT in which this play was written are important?

 What DESIGN CHOICES either are made or could be made in order to support the ideas from questions 1 & 2?



Name of Play: BURIED CHILD
Playwright Sam Shepherd
1 What are the important THEMES found in this play?
How does the issue of the American Dream come up for Tilden, Vince, and Dodge?"
In the play of the Buried Child by Sam Shepherd, every family member in some way is a representation of the attempt to achieve different parts of the American dreams like happiness, prosperity freedom, and family. Dodge is a very good farmer but he has not produced anything from his far for many years. Vince and Tilden also had hints of the American dream. They were trying to pursue their dreams. Tilden wanted to become a great footballer while Vince wanted to be a Saxophone player. But a tragedy hit their family and they stopped pursuing their dreams. Tilden starts behaving strangely and Vince becomes a drunkard.

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