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Chapter 1 of Lawrence Samuel's The American Dream. Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Prompt from Instructor:
Read Chapter 1 of Lawrence Samuel's The American Dream: A Cultural History and complete the following:
There are 3 parts that I want you to answer: first part answer the "Observation", second answer the "Passage" part, and finally answer the "Question" part.
Each part the (Observation, Passage and Question) should each be answered with a minimum of 180 words for at least a total of 2 pages.
* Part 1: Observation: Post a few sentences about something you found interesting or worthy of discussion. It could be something thematic, like its point of view on the American Dream. Or it could be an observation about issues of gender, sexuality, psychology, socioeconomic class, etc. Or, it could be something generally along those lines. (Your response must a minimum of 180 words).

* Part 2: Passage: Post 1-5(ish) lines from the reading in question that stand out to you for one reason or another. Then, explain as best you can what that reason is. It might be admiring or critiquing the construction of the language, the idea being discussed, its relevance to some larger concept, etc. (Your response must a minimum of 180 words)

Part 3: Question: Post a question or two about something you don't quite understand or something on which you just would like other students' perspective. (Your response must a minimum of 180 words)
Notes from the student to the Writer:
* The coursework assignment must be done in Times New Roman Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around.
* I took screenshots images of Chapter 1 of Lawrence Samuel's The American Dream: A Cultural History which starts on page 12 to Page 41.
* In the order form are the first 20 screenshot images of the reading while the remaining 10 images are in the DropMeFiles link: https://dropmefiles(dot)com/vbL8u
Thank you for your time.


Student’s Name
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The American Dream
Part 1: Observation
One observation from chapter one “The Epic of America,” is that the idea of the American Dream emerged at a time when many Americans were suffering the effects of Depression (Samuel 13). The Great Depression that occurred in the early 1800s left many Americans suffering economically. Many Americans were longing for a better life but it seemed unreachable given the depraved conditions the country was in after the war. After the war, the country was trying to define its sense of identity in the midst of economic, social, as well as political devastation. Scholars began to develop the idea of an American Dream that would help shape the country on the right direction. Even before the Depression, Americans had an idea of the Dream in their mind but it was never really defined (13). The time seemed right to define it because it was a time of great turmoil and people feared that the Dream would be forgotten or never materialize. James Truslow Adams’ book “The Epic of America” began the discussion of having an American Dream. While many others scholars later shaped the idea clearly, his book created a discussion about striving for the American Dream.
Part 2: Passage
“Along the way, readers learned that the dream was about justice, fairness, freedom, honesty, and decency-all things that would still serve American and Americans well. Foster did not seem op

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