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london times(letter) (Essay Sample)

Philosophy 126- final exam: The year is 1850. You are ethically sensitive reporter for the London Times. In your capacity as a reporter you have traveled the world. You have met business leaders such as Mr. Scrooge of London and examined the factories of the industrial Revolution. You want your readers to be aware of the world they live in, so you write an open letter to your newspaper describing your experiences and possible remedies to the situation. The paper is to be 2-3 pages. (based on class materials) Book: A Christmas Carol- Charles Dickens Open letter, you describe factory workers, you interview them, solution how to improve. Solving the paper of Industrial Capitalisms Hunger-people don't have anything to eat. Talk about children working (children labor, condition, pay, benefits, and values) source..
To The Editor London Times Sir, It is with much concern I write about the much touted industrial revolution and its aftermath. Technological innovation and use of machines have been said to be essential for business growth and economic output. However, most business leaders and policy makers seem to ignore the negative impact of the revolution with regards to the environment and workers rights. Thus, there is a need to reexamine the effects of increasing industrialization on the society. Among the negative effects that need to be addressed are child labor, the exploitation of workers, poor working conditions and the lack of decent wages in this era. During interviews, I found out that there was blatant exploitation of children by businessmen and factory owners. Children were made to work for long hours in factories and coal mines without decent wages. The explanation that the children were merely helping their families seems to miss the point that in the end the working conditions are detrimental to the development of children. Additionally, there are many accidents in these factories which endanger the lives of children; businessmen have little regard for safety as machineries are rarely replaced. In essence, the children are forced to work under strenuous conditions with no chance to negotiate for better terms; they also receive less pay than adults even for the same level of production. Thus, it is immoral to let children undergo these experiences as if the are not human beings. Most of the children I inte...
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