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A Motto of the French Revolution was (Essay Sample)

Please be sure to use specific examples of policies and actions during the revolution to support my argument. Construct an argument using specific examples from the source book listed below The source info is from the book;\"The Making of the West\"-peoples and cultures, Vol II since 1500, Authors Lynn Hunt, Thomas R Martin, Barbara H Rosenwein, etc... Citations should be done in parenthesis, example (Hunt,58) Double spaced in 12pt font, 1 inch margins source..
During the French revolution, three policies were put in place to see into it that the revolution was a success. During this age that brought light according to the authors, the French used three policies, which when roughly translated were brotherhood equality and liberty. Most importantly, the French wanted to be free from the oppression that they had suffered. This tree policies or mottos came about before 1790 before French was declared a republic. During 1848, the slogan liberty brotherhood and equality came into action after the French had finally secured their liberty (Hunt, Martin, Rosenwein 47). The slogan was defined as the main policies that helped during the revolution. However, during the second republic, the three concepts or principles were not widely accepted by all because most citizens playing part in the revolution still had problems with the policies that were being applied. For instance, most people who took part in the revolution argued that by proclaiming equality, the policy promoted socialism, which most people opposed.
However, this did not last long since during the third republic the policies were included in the constitution as an integral value in the French constitution. During the French revolution, this policy played an integral part in bringing together citizens to fight for a common course. The policies and actions applied during the French revolution were meant to see into it that the revolution was a success. A...
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