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Abuse In The Child Services System Psychology Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


This is a two-part paper and I would like to keep the same writer for the project. The literature review of the research topic will analyze social workers and the abuse in the child services system.
The summary paragraph of the literature review will outline this question ( Is it true as some suggest, that social workers ignore signs of child abuse within the social system?)
Instructions for the paper:
Title of the paper
(at least 1 paragraph) describing your research topic in general--what the topic is and why it should be studied.
Literature Review
Describe at least 5 journal articles that relate to your research topic. These articles should help you develop your research topic in more detail. In a research proposal, you build from the general topic to the specific research question you want to study.
(at least 1 paragraph) Outline the specific research question that you have developed after your literature review.
Cite the journal articles in APA style. Your reference page is a separate page.


Abuse in the Child Services System
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Taking care of children as they grow is a very delicate sector because children grow up to adopt how they were brought up. A child brought up in a violent environment is likely to behave in a wearied way, isolating himself or herself from the company of other people. Child services step in to ensure that children grow up in a conducive environment that builds them physically, emotionally, culturally, and morally. Therefore, child abuse refers to when parents and caregivers fail to protect or directly inflict harm or even death to children. Child abuse can be physical, sexual, neglect, or emotional (Fortson et al., 2016). However, we should not trust the child service providers with our children's lives without knowing how the children are handled. Some officials in the department might abuse the children since they are helpless on their hands. Several reports have emerged in the media with children allegedly used within the child services system. Therefore, there is a need to investigate child abuse in the child services system.
Literature Review
Professional competencies have led to the emergence of several complaints of child abuse within child protection units. At the same time, praises are also poured upon the same system for rescuing many children going through different forms of abuse. Several scholars have investigated child abuse to inform the public about the real situation. This section reviews past research on the issue of child abuse, especially within the child services system.

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