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The Medium Is The Message By Marshal McLuhan (Essay Sample)


Write a well-organized, coherent 800-word essay on the following topic. The essay should include specific examples from your selections. Your opening paragraph should make clear what you plan to discuss, and your body paragraphs should develop the ideas that you set out in the introduction. You should end with a conclusion that ties the essay together. Topic: In Understanding Media what does McLuhan mean by the phrase “The Medium is the Message”? How do the Web and digital media shape our consciousness? Features of your paper: Typed pages: one-inch margins, double-spaced, 12-point font.


The Medium is the Message
The phrase ‘the medium is the message’ was designed by Marshal McLuhan, implicating that any form of medium used in the dissemination of any message embeds itself with the message in such a way that it forms a symbiotic relationship with the message being transmitted. As a result, the medium determines how a particular message transmitted through the medium is perceived. According to McLuhan, the medium is more important than the message it carries. Nowadays, people tend to join social media platforms just for formalities, even without passing any important message. In other words, majority of people are just fascinated by the social networks more than the message itself. On the other hand, the internet has taken a turn in changing the lifestyles of people in the whole world. The internet is important to the users since it provides a constant content that has resulted in the creation of a world where people expect an endless content. Various media of communication have led to creation of the world into global village, shaped people’s conscious, and have also led to dissemination of various important information such educational and security information, which have in turn facilitated the well-being of individuals in various nations.
Considering the internet as a medium of transferring information, it has condensed the world into a global village where communication is conducted as if people are in a small village. Individuals remain connected and are capable of communicating regardless of their geographical positions or distance separating the people communicating (Robbins, and Singer). Nowadays, people have even formed various communication groups in the social media platforms such as Facebook to ensure a proper discussion of a common interest amongst them, as well as ensuring a timely delivery of any relevant information pertaining to the members of the group. On the other hand, the internet has promoted education among majority of people of the world. Individuals are capable of carrying out their study researches through online through the use of the internet services. In addition, the internet services have promoted long-distance learning where learners do not have to attend the classes physically, but can just access the learning resources through the internet. Besides, internet as a medium of communication, has led to improvements in the business sector since; buyers and sellers can now interact online and make their trading deals without physically meeting at the shop. Online advertisements have also resulted to improvement of business sales since majority of individuals’ access the online platforms, therefore, the adverts reach many people. Thus, the media is the most important factor in the communication process.
Besides, the web and the digital media have helped in improving consciousness and self-awareness among various

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