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Technology Has Exceed Our Humanity - Albert Einstein (Essay Sample)


You will be writing a PERSONAL essay based on your personal observation and experience with new technology. In other words, your essay should sound like YOU and be mostly your ideas based on YOUR life. Your essay must.
*have an interesting introduction that attracts the reader;
*focus on one issue or question that does not have an obvious or simple answer;
*consider more than one side of this issue;
*use SPECIFIC examples from your personal experience;
How do I get ideas?
-Think back to the first time you used a computer, the internet, a cell phone, a smart phone, etc. How did you feel at the time? How have your feelings changed?
-What is your favorite app? Does it really help you? How? Could it possibly harm you?
-Come up with a provocative question like, Do smart phone really make us smarter? Are Facebook friends real friends? Is Twitter good for society? Why is ___ game so popular? etc...
After choosing your topic, do brainstorming and free-writing to develop your idea. What is the positive side? what is the negative side?
Think of personal experience that you can discuss in the body of your essay.
Develop a structure or logical sequence for your essay.


Albert Perez
Ms. Ellen Rosen
ESL 185
Essay 1, 1st draft
September 18, 2017
Is Facebook socialization necessary in life?
Technology and use of the internet have grown over the years up to the point that presently the two have infiltrated the human race, creating opportunities, connections and opening a whole new world that has unbridled humanity. The existence of technology and internet use is of utmost importance as they advance every aspect of life. I am a proud beneficiary of advanced technology and a regular user of the internet, particularly Facebook, whose use has enhanced my socialization and networking. Nevertheless, my reliance on it raises the question, is Facebook socialization necessary in life?
Facebook is an online medium that provides socialization and networking of people with others. Through its use, individuals such as myself have developed and continually advanced the culture of sharing of one's life with other people. On the positive side, this socialization creates an avenue whereby people can stay in touch with family members, friends, and other acquaintances. In my case, Facebook is an efficient platform for catching up with my cousins, aunts, high schools and college friends that reside in other states, thereby eliminating the hurdle of distance

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