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Network Security Discussion (Essay Sample)


Please answer each question individually and include sources for each question.
Question 1) Explain the differences between Trojans and Backdoors. Describe how they are created and deployed to attack the target, and their various motives.
Question 2) Explain the differences between viruses and worms in their behavior, characteristics, and attack vectors. Their exploitation has been devastating in the past. Provide some examples of those malware outbreaks we have seen in the past.


Network Security
Network Security
Difference between Trojan and Backdoor
Trojan and Backdoor are often confused. However, there are major differences that set the two things apart. The major difference between a Trojan and a Backdoor is in the manner in which they are introduced. On its part, a Trojan is a program that appears to be safe for computer use but in the real sense contains something malicious. Trojan gets its name from the Trojan horse which was a mythical horse used by the Greeks to attack the Romans. On its part, backdoor is a program that has been developed specifically to gain access to a system (Brunner, 2011).
Trojans are introduced through programs that are disguised as useful to the user. This might be in the form of a video game or any other program. On its part, a backdoor gives unwarranted access to an outside user. This might be in the form of listening bugs or any other type of connection outside the machine and often without the user’s knowledge (Brunner, 2011).
Difference between Worms and Virus
There is a major difference between a virus and a worm. A virus is a computer program that reproduces itself by fastening itself to a different object. An example of such a scenario is where an infected word document infects the computer of any third party who opens the document. On its part, a worm is a computer program that duplicates independently by transferring itself to other computers. This makes worms spread faster as compared to viruses. One of the worst worm attacks in the computer history was the 1998 Morris Worm that infected nearly 10% of all the computers attached to the computer slowing them to a halt. The other was the 2007 storm worm that was infected millions of computers and was used to s...
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