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Climate Change Essay (Essay Sample)


For this proposal I must choose one specific project or intervention that seeks to, in some way,address the issue of climate change. This can be a specific design, artwork, proposed or real governmental policy, etc. my task is to explain specifically how this example seeks to address climate change and critique it.
I must identify the project I wish to explain and critique.
I must identify at least one of the scientific concepts I will use to address this project.
I must include at least 3 proposed sources I will probably use in my paper.
Its a 300-500 words paper. I think 300 is enough. 
the rest of the paper is not due till next month, so I will wait for the feedback of my prof and will let you know. 
I didnt hand in my previous essay yet, so I have no Idea how did it go. it s due with this proposal. I hope it goes well.


Climate change
Thesis proposal: to what extent do government policies influence adoption of climate change provisions?
Objective: to highlight the link between government policies and efforts towards reducing greenhouse emissions and curbing climate change.
The Climate Action Plan and the Clean Air Act have received more attention as guidelines to reduce the greenhouse emission and reduce the effects of climate change. Unlike before there are suggestions that the EPA will likely support efforts towards designating the greenhouse gases as air pollutants. They have largely been unregulated, but with increased attention to climate change, there is increased commitment to curb climate change (Neel, 2014). In looking at the impact of the Clean Air Act, there is a need to articulate the opposing viewpoints for those who support climate change initiatives and those who oppose. In framing the messages on climate change influences the extent to which the public are receptive to these policies (Bertolotti & Catellani, 2014).
Greenhouse emissions resulting from human activities are the main drivers of climate change, since as the gases accumulate in the atmosphere the climate has become warmer over time as they absorb energy (EPA, 2015). The main mechanism through which the greenhouse affects climate change is that they accelerate heat retention. There has been controvers...
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