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The Dangers of Climate Change (Research Paper Sample)


Using the outline, write your first draft of your research paper. Be mindful of plagiarism and utilize only academic resources. Your draft must:
•Be formatted according to APA requirements as illustrated in the APA Paper Template.
•Include a well-constructed thesis statement.
•Incorporate 3 main points and 1 resource per point. Each point must have a different resource.
There should be a minimum of 3 academic resources.
An additional citation from a resource already being used is allowed. For example, a statistic cited in the introduction from a resource being used in point 2. But this resource only counts as 1 of the 3 resources required during this session.
•Be 3 pages in length, not including your cover and references pages.
Note: please make sure you use in-text citation in each main point.


27th August 2015.
The blue planet is fading into a very unfamiliar color, though very familiar to scientific predictions. Climate change has been a major highlight of the problems facing the planet in the current generation. The effects of this change can be seen and felt everywhere. There is actually no organism inhabiting the planet, that is immune to these effects. It is as a result of this, that there should be more vigilance and knowledge of the phenomenon.The climate change phenomenon caught my attention the time I saw on the news, glaciers melting ,and the polar icecap receding. Since then,I became very much engaged in the issue,as it affected me too . The adversity of climate change cannot be better understood without first understanding the underlying concept of what is climate change, its causes, as well as the resultant effects it has on the environment.
Climate change has become a very contentious and challenging issue, of international concern. Its occurrence has grabbed global attention that global environmental summits have been constituted with the aim of finding ways to deal with the menace. The United Nations, through the United Nations Environmental Program, has put climate change among its main priorities of the current century.
Climate change can be defined as the gradual change in the weather pattern, that also leads to changes on water and land, which comes as a result of a rise in the global temperature. Climate change can be viewed as continuous process through which the planet ‘s ecosystem changes as a result of a long-term rise in the global temperature(Pielke,2004).As it can be seen ,it is not a process that occurs abruptly, rather, it is an ongoing, continuous process, that takes place over a long period of time. It is a dangerous process as it results to a lot more negatives on the planet and its inhabitants. It would therefore be important to know these impacts.
To better understand the impacts of climate change, it would be important to look at its definition, especially in relation to temperature. When the global temperatures rise even by a single degree, it has massive effects on the global ecological balance(New Scientist,2015). A rise in temperature by whichever extent results to the melting of the polar ice cap, which raises the sea level by some margin. A rise in the sea levels can cause flooding in a number of coastal regions. Some coastal lowlands can even be completely submerged(New Scientist,2015).
The rising temperatures result to the subsequent heating of the ocean bodies. According to meteorology, heating of large a water body results to the generation storm-generating currents. Hence, there will be a subsequent increase in the frequency of storm formation and its incidences. The effects of storms are well documented, with the destruction of property, infrastructure and loss of life, being the headlines (McCaty, 2001).Whereas this might be an occurrence in some regions of the globe, other regions might experience extreme drought a...
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