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The Animal Testing Definition Writing Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


This is for my ethincs class. I need you to add 3 additional pages to this essay.
1.) Is animal testing cruel or a necessity?
2.) compare the pros and cons about animal testing?
3.) If you had to pick would you say its a good thing or a bad and why?
4.) It needs a thesis statement?
5.) Do not include a header in the paper please, ONLY THE ESSAY. 
please dont include this:

From the animal testing definition, it shows that many procedures are performed on the animals to get the different results either in medicine, products or scientific research, etc. It is unlikely that the procedures carried out on these animals are harmless or painless. Even for the procedure that is classified to be mild, will cause pain and suffering to the animals. Mostly, at the end of these experiments, an animal is likely to die. It became necessary that a procedure to be performed, it will depend on with the type of animal. The specific procedure is to be carried out on a specific animal.
Different countries in the world use different species in their experimentation, but the most common animals used are mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and farm animals. It has been discovered that over 115 million animals are used for experiments in the laboratory where half of this number die due to the procedures.
Procedures performed, and types of tests used in animal testing are one and the same thing. There is many types of tests in animal testing.This types of tests can be medical, cosmetic or for commercial purposes. Examples of these tests are irritancy tests, skin corrosion test, carcinogenicity test and mutagen city test.
Irritation test is a type of animal test that is used in cosmetic and household products. It is an experiment whereby its main purpose is to determine the irritation capacity of these products .This test is mainly performed on the rabbits for seven days. The chemicals are applied on the eyes of the rabbit to show the degree of irritation it can cause. This is because a rabbit has good eyesight.
Skin corrosion test is mainly used to see how the skin responds to corrosive damages on the skin, itching and swelling. This test is performed mainly by the medical sector and sometimes by the cosmetics. In the cosmetic sector, the experiment will be able to show if a product can cause itching or swelling by applying the product on the skin of the animal. In this test they also use the rabbit.
Carcinogenicity test is used to study cancer related problems and how to find its cure. The fact that rats ...
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