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What Animals Live in Your Space Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


What animals live in your space? (JAPAN) Other than the urban coyote, find an example of an animal that lives in an urban space
What is the common and scientific name of the organism
• What is its relationship with other organisms? For example: what are its predators and prey? Does it depend on or closely interact with other species?
• How has this organism impacted, interacted or adapted to life in the urban environment? If your organism is a non-native, think about the native environment of this organism relative to where you observed it. 
• How does it integrate with humans?
• Is there human-animal or human-wildlife conflict? If not, assume there is and design a solution that either reasonably eliminates the conflict or allows the organism and humans to coexist together.


What Animals Live in your Space?
What Animals Live in your Space?
The sika deer or spotted deer is mainly found in Japan’s urban places. This is a species of deer that is native to East Asia although it has been introduced in other parts of the world (Baseel, 2014).
The common name for this animal is sika deer. The scientific name for sika deer is cervus Nippon (Baseel, 2014).
Sika deer does not prey on any animals because it is herbivorous. The main food for the sika deer is grass, as well as sedges found on the mountains and also leaves from trees and shrubs. The main predators for sika deer are wolves and tigers. However, they are also predated by humans as they hunt them for food, hides, blood, antler, velvet, and also their organs. Sika deer do not interact with other species but instead they are moderately social animals that live in their own small groups or stay alone (Baseel, 2014).
Many national parks in Japan are around urban areas and this has allowed sika deer to freely roam in urban places. Many are even tamed by humans such that they move easily without fear of humans. Further, ...
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