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Describe the Use of Animals for Sports and Entertainment (Speech Presentation Sample)


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“Do you know that animals feel pain and show emotion, just like us, human beings? They also get bored and tired as well. That is the reality hitting us at the moment. Try fitting yourself in the shoes of these animals, the experiences they go through; is it what you can ever wish even on your worst enemy? Absolutely not. That is the problem being faced currently; animal cruelty and violations of animal rights. Animals are being abused in various ways, but the most notorious of them all, is their use in sports as objects of entertainment. It is one of the most ruthless things that human beings can ever do to animals, well, apart from slaughtering them.
The use of animals for entertainment has been a practice done for over twenty centuries dating back to the time of the gladiator and the coliseum, during the peak of the Roman Empire. It is somehow surprising that such an ancient practice has managed to find its place among the present, so-called digital age. Different animals, such as bulls, dogs and even chicken, are pitted against each other or against armed men, in a battle to the death. These that survive the fight, are usually severly injured to the extent that they are also put to death for the sake o...
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