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Religion: Is Euthanasia Morally Right or Wrong Research (Essay Sample)


This essay is a research, and its an ethics class. The topic is, is euthanasia morally right or wrong , and after you do the research you can link to a religion, for example what Islam and Christianity say about euthanasia, are they against or for.
The following is the instruction of my teacher.
Legislators in Belgium recently debated legislation that would legalize euthanasia for sick infants. Such a law would provide terminally ill children with a legal " right to die." Do you think this type of law is ethical?why or why not? Explain and defend your position on the issue. more information on the matter can be found at the following links:
Please cite all the sources.

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Is Euthanasia Morally Right or Wrong?
Pressly views that recently in Belgium, legislators debated about a law which would legalize euthanasia for ailing infants (1). Such legislation would give terminally ill children a legal right to die. However, the nature of the law is morally wrong because it is founded on a misplaced concept of self-determination that everybody has the right to create decisions about how they live and how they die. In a real sense, there is no need to legalize child euthanasia since there are always techniques of alleviating the pain of a dying child; for example, a suffering child can be treated, or the dying child can be sedated. Normally, children do not request to die. Despite, terminally ill children may experience severe sufferings, they always have some hope for tomorrow, and they always want to live. The legislation is morally inappropriate because in the first place euthanasia is a morally wrong act.
Asking whether euthanasia is morally wrong or right, it is vital to understand that human beings are created in the likeness and image of God, and thus are of intrinsic value and worth beyond all prices (Lewis 245). Every human being has personal dignity, and to claim that a person has the right to end his life is an impermissible act. Euthanasia can be morally sound only if it were possible to claim that the personal dignity had vanished. Committing Euthanasia is an action with a particular intention in which a particular person should be nobody. Such an action is a fundamental error and is the most severe immoral act in human relations. Individuals who commit Euthanasia do not see the inherent (intrinsic) dignity or worth of a person. What is intrinsically worth is nowadays judged as somehow does not possess value or worth; this is both morally and logically inappropriate.
The ethics of euthanasia is founded on erroneous moral assumptions that defend euthanasia, that is, consequentialism and proportionalism, which are constituents of the dualistic anthropology of euthanasia’s ethics. The major concept of the ethics of euthanasia states that humans are consciously experiencing beings whose dignity is made of their capability to create choices and to make decisions over their own lives (Lewis 267). According to the ethics of euthanasia, bodily life is a condition based on personal life, and this is because without having bodily life, a person cannot live as a consciously experiencing being. It implies ...
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