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The Importance of Substance Uses Disorder Counselor (Essay Sample)


question one explain the importance of a substance use disorders counselor having an understanding of tolerance and withdrawal question two marijuana look at topic 2-2and three goal that I want are to do better with learning how to get in and out the module and learning the tutorials, two want to graduated and student and three want to be a successful counselor you can add more.


Disorder Counseling
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Disorder Counseling
The Importance of Substance Uses Disorder Counselor
Substance use disorder refers to the use of one or more substances which leads to effects that are harmful to individual's physical and mental health. The disorder is characterized by continued use of medication that results in dependency. Substance use disorder counselors are important in addressing the issue of drug addiction. They are tasked with creating a good rapport with a client to assist them with the disorder. They have the role of providing support and education. The counseling process should be done through various methods. These processes involve identifying the type of disorder of a client, then choosing the proper treatment method. The counseling process should be a partnership between the counselor and the client. Successful counseling takes into consideration the withdrawal symptoms and tolerance level of substance(s) of a client. The proper treatment procedure should, therefore, be considered and plans put in place (Tracey-Glidden, 2005).
Marijuana over the years has been made legal for medical purposes. Clinical issues, however, have emerged. The issues include the illicit recreational drug use, increased access to the drug and adverse physiological effects such as impaired memory and addiction (Marcoux, Larrat, & Vogenberg, 2013).
In assisting a client who has addiction to more than one substance, proper treatment procedure should be put in place. The primary goal is to manage the chronic pain to ensure there is pain relief while maintaining the maximum level of body function. Efficient management of the situation should involve the following steps. It is imperative for the counselor to recognize addiction as a disease with known symptoms and treatment. Narcotic withdrawal symptoms can interfere with attempts to control pain. The time for detoxification is not when pain management is needed. The treatment process should involve one physician to provide all pain medication. There should be a reduction in the marijuana dose to a minimum effective dose. Another kind of opioid drugs with less chance for addiction should be used. The counselor should also be aware of tolerance potential. The process should involve regular reassessing of pain control and use of nonpsychotropic pain medication where possible. In the case of usage of a high opioid to reduce pain, proper documentation and timing for the next refilling are necessary and should be agreed upon by the patient and the counselor. The patient should also maintain a stable environment both at home and workplace. (Joy, Watson, & Benson, 1999).
Personal Goals
I have three main goals I want to achieve by the end of this course. My first goal is to finish the course and graduate. I do not wish just to graduate; I want to excel in my ...
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