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Comments on 4 Different Classmates Post (Essay Sample)


This is the question in many states marijuana is now legal for certain medical purposes. Identify some clinical issues that may now present themselves as a result of this. What if you have a client who is addicted to alcohol and narcotics, who is also using marijuana to help with chronic pain? How might you address this situation?
There are two different comments first is Donald for 2-2 who say in his opinion the most obvious clinical issue that presents itself is just that, what if an addict is now given a medical reason to use marijuana. The effects are going to be the same for users whether they are given a prescription or not; including dependence syndrome motor vehicle crashes, impaired respiratory function, cardiovascular disease, this is some of his post
post 2 is John which is also 2-2 who say with marijuana legal use for medical purposes there are several clinical areas of concern with regard to its use in treatments the most prominent and immediate of which are what are the short term effects of marijuana intoxication on the brain does marijuana intoxication impact driving does repeated marijuana use have long term effects on the brain does smoking marijuana cause cancer and so on this is just some of john post.
post 3 and 4 the question is explain the importance of a substance use disorders counselor having an understanding of tolerance and withdrawal. post 3 is Kiara which she starts with a quote substance use disorder counselors should have a clear understanding of tolerance and withdrawal in order to effectively assess the degree of an individuals issues with substance abuse and lead them towards a healthier lifestyle, Substance use disorder counselors must obtain the proper skills and knowledge to assist them with providing the best treatment for their clients. Individuals who build a high tolerance for drugs and or alcohol usually experience withdrawal differently than those who are less dependent drugs and or alcohol. Those who have become more dependent on a substance usually attain a longer recovery process and require more support from their counselor. Withdrawal experiences are different depending on the substance being consumed, which is one other aspect that must be considered when assessing individuals with substance abuse. this is her entire post.
Post 4 2-2 is Janiel, she say it is imperative to understand tolerance and withdrawal in order to identify the appropriate treatment plan for clients. Tolerance occurs when the effects of a drug decrease through repeated use. There will be more of her post
I will send the files on Monday after I get off from work like we had said. Thank You Doris


Comments on 4 different classmates post
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Comments on 4 different classmates post
Donald's post
I am in agreement with Donald's post about the clinical use of Marijuana. It does not matter if a person is taking Marijuana for medical reasons, for instance, relieving pain, and a prescription is given or not and for others taking it as a drug, the effects will be the same in the long-run. The clinical use of marijuana could result in addiction, dependence syndrome and impaired respiratory function among others. For clients with past addiction to alcohol and narcotics to prevent recurrent addiction, it is important to have a particular physician responsible for all the pain medication (Degenhardt, 2009).
John's post
Despite the use of Marijuana for medical purposes, the substance comes along with other effects after the treatment is administered. John has highlighted some noticeable and immediate short-term consequences such as marijuana intoxication on the brain that in turn impacts adversely on driv...
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