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Marijuana: How is it used and the Physical Effects (Essay Sample)


the questions are added on the instructions I have gave to you. Module one is three questions I have to want to better my self you can add to what I am giving you to make it better. one , I want to do better learning how to get through the modules, the library tutorials much better without making mistakes and knowing what I am looking for and finding it. Want to be a very good successful counselor and three I want to learn how to be a professional counselor and graduate. Also explain the importance of a substance use disorders counselor having an understanding of tolerance and withdrawal. In many states marijuana is now legal for certain medical purposes. Identify some clinical issues that may now present themselves as a result of this. What if you have a client who is addicted to alcohol and narcotics, who is also using marijuana to help with chronic pain? How might you address this situation?


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Substance use disorder happens when an individual requires alcohol so as to function in a normal way. The person becomes dependent on alcohol and this result in either tolerance or withdrawal. Tolerance involves dependence on alcohol by the body and needing more of it to achieve a particular goal. On the other hand, withdrawal refers to the emotional or physical disorders whenever one ceases to taking the drugs. Marijuana is a common drug that most people have developed dependence. Withdrawal from this drug involves depression, irritability and having trouble sleeping. Individuals who depend on this drug are at a higher risk of memory loss, and respiratory problems (Deer, Leong, &Buvanendran, 2013). There are various symptoms of withdrawal from marijuana that include, discomfort when one stops using it. Research shows that these signs start to show immediately after the cease. There are other who experience anxiety, loss of appétit, and stress. Although these symptoms are less life-threatening, the person might not be able to control his mental state and be tempted to start using the drug.
How is it used and the Physical Effects
Marijuana is commonly smoked or mixed with beverages. It has a very strong component called the THC that renders most users high. Individuals who smoke the drug whether its dry leaves or stems, experience effects to every organ. Those who smoke pot risk raising their heart rates twice the normal rate. This is the reason why users experience heart attack immediately after intake of marijuana. Research is still ongoing on the effects of the drug on lungs and if it results in lung cancer. However, it has been proved that the drug irritates the lungs causing prolonged coughs. Despite the prolonged cough and discomfort, a user is likely to intake cancer-causing chemical.
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