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Apologetics Research On Christianity Approach On Abortion (Essay Sample)


This paper will consist of four parts. Each part has a subscribed number of sections, each with a subscribed number of paragraphs with an explanation of what needs to be found in each paragraph.
Consider this paper as writing an additional chapter to our textbook, Without a Doubt.


Apologetics Research on Christianity approach on abortion
The question of the apologetics research is on the Christianity approach on the issue of abortion. Christianity and the Bible through the sacredness of life and the teachings consider abortions to be wrong, to be as in and to be something that should not be practiced as it equates to murder. However, contemporary Christians tend to be somehow liberal, and they attempt to find some case scenarios that might justify abortion, which raises some problems that need a solid defense to support or to oppose the acts of abortion. The essay discusses reasons as to why abortion is wrong according to biblical teachings.
One of the defensive reasons against abortion is that the ten commandments warn Christians against killing. Abortion is wrong as it leads to killing unborn children. God is the ultimate giver of life, and human life is sacred (Vallier 365). People need to treat human life with the sacredness that it deserves and they should avoid killing unborn children as they have the right to life and one cannot predict their potential after they are given a chance to live.
Another reason as to why abortion is wrong is that it angers God. Christians should live lives that do not anger God. As seen from the biblical story of Cain and Abel, Cain killed Abel because he was jealous of him. Cain killing Abel angered God, which made God curse Cain and his generation. As a result of murder in the scenario of Cain and Abel angered God, abortion is equally a crime relative to killing as abortion involves the mu

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