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Stereotypes Associated With Maleness And Femalenes Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


VII. For this response paper, I want you to think about the stereotypes associated with maleness and femaleness and answer some of the following questions.
1. To what degree do you feel you identify with characteristics associated with your own gender?
2. To what degree do you feel you identify with characteristics associated with the opposite gender?
3. Have you ever felt as though society or specific people have pressured you to “be” a characteristic that you weren’t, just because you were male or female?
4. You don’t have to answer this, but please at least think about it. Have you ever stereotyped someone based on gender, that they should “be” a certain way?
5. How have gender roles changed over the last 50 years?
6. How have they NOT changed since hunter-gatherer days?
7. Do you think we will always have gender roles?
8. Are gender roles helpful in some way or do they only perpetuate stereotypes?


Student’s Name
Gender Stereotyping
1. Largely, I do not identify with these characteristics because of their biased nature. As Camps (Np) points out, it is insensitive to assume that females are biologically weak and not meant to take up prominent roles.
2. There is no truth in assuming that the opposite gender (males) is stronger and better than the females. Evidently, females can perform the same way or even better than males (Besselaar and Sandstrom, Np). Therefore, everyone should be judged by his or her skills and abilities, and not their maleness or femaleness.
3. I have previously had to drop some sports and subjects simply because parents and peers felt they were rather masculine. This is done without considering my skills and ability.
4. Personally, I believe in people being allowed to be their best selves without the fear of being judged by society. Based on this, I do not believe in gender stereotyping.
5. Indeed, there has been

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