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The Concept of Gender, Sex, and Gender Roles. Social sciences (Essay Sample)


Throughout human history the first question parents have asked at the birth of a child has been whether the child is a boy or a girl. The answer to this question impacts the socialization of that child for the rest of his or her life. For example, from birth children are assigned the colors of pink or blue and given specific gender related toys depending on their sex. Think about how you have been socialized in relation to sex and gender. Consider your parents' and media's influence over your life as a male or female as well as the broader impact of society on masculinity and femininity. Write an essay on the concepts of sex, gender and gender roles. First, explain the differences between sex and gender. Next, provide examples of how gender roles relate to your personal life.


The Concept of Gender, Sex, and Gender Roles
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The Concept of Gender, Sex, and Gender Roles
Gender and sex are often regarded as being similar since on most occasions when giving out details; a person is asked to provide their gender or sex. Sex is the physiological or physical distinction between females and males (Torgrimson, & Minson, 2005). Sex is closely linked to the biological characteristics, which comprise external and internal sex organs, chromosomes, and hormonal activities (Wizemann, 2001). Sex is much difficult to change because it is based on genetics. Gender, on the other hand, refers to the cultural or social differences that come with being female or male (Zosuls, Miller, Ruble, Martin & Fabes, 2011). Unlike sex, gender does not rely on genetics, but rather, on the belief system and social constructs put in place by the society regarding femininity and masculinity. 

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