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The U.S. Economy and Climate Change (Essay Sample)


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The U.S. Economy and Climate Change
The United States of America is poised to take powerful economic hits from climate change in the next few years. Wildfires, heat waves, rising sea level, and extreme weather events can cost the country millions of dollars in lost labor, health issues, crumbling infrastructure and reduced crop yield. A report by Ronnie Lipschutz reveals that hundreds of American scientists from thirteen federal agencies have presented a stark picture of the country’s fate because of climate change (Lipschutz 625). It has also been predicted that the U.S. economy will shrink by ten percent by the end of 2025 if the problem of global warming is not solved.
According to Maxwell T. Boykoff and Tom Yulsman, climate change may damage everything in the United States from agricultural production to infrastructures to human health (Boykoff & Yulsman 363). Dozens of government departments and agencies have collaborated to outline the projected impacts of climate change in every corner of the United States. It should be noticed that climate change will disproportionately hurt the poor, destruct the infrastructure, alter coastlines, boost costs in industries and limit the availability of fresh food and drinking water. Economists and scientists have started grappling with the serious economic consequences if the country fails to reduce carbon emission. In case the government does not pay any attention to solving the problem of climate change, then a number of problems are likely to arise.
Falling Telephone Poles
We have seen how climate change has damaged the infrastructure in Alaska, costing the local government a lot of money and threatening the lives of various people. Telephone poles fell in a large number, and hot spots became visible on the Climate Hot Map.
Damage to Properties
All over the United States, people often suffer from floods, wildfires, storms, sea-level rise and droughts, and their properties are damaged or destructed by the whole. This is a serious economic threat as if properties or infrastructures are damaged, the government may have to spend billions of dollars in establishing new residential areas or colonies for those who have suffered. In addition, the repair of infrastructures like homes, bridges, roads, railroad tracks, power lines, airport runways, seawalls

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