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Positive and Negative Deviant Behavior of Government (Essay Sample)


Identify positive and negative deviant behavior of government, business and individuals in our country regarding climate change.


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Identify Positive and Negative Deviant Behavior of Government, Business and Individuals in Our Country Regarding Climate Change.
Climate change has become one of the most talked about issue in all parts of the world. There are plenty of factors that act as evidence to the fact that climate change is taking places such as the increased temperatures, changes in seasons a and the melting of the polar ice caps among others. Therefore, it is the obligation of the government to guide society towards the actions that prevent climate change from occurring. There are various positive and negative deviant behavior being displayed by the government in regard to climate change.
Negative deviance being displayed by the government, businesses and society includes the behaviors that do not meet the different accepted norms regarding climate change. Among them is the cutting down of trees. Different bodies keep advocating for people to plant more trees than they cut, but most people choose to ignore this persuasion. They end up cutting trees hence leaving the environment prone to global warming which is the main indication of climate change. As well, chemical plants are running operations that result in the emission of harmful gasses into the atmosphere. Such gases play a substantial role in the depletion of the ozone layer which

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